Melges 24: A Vision for 2014 and Beyond

Melges 24: A Vision for 2014 and Beyond

©2013 Pierrick Contin | IM24CA


We are fortunate to have a Class that saw 126 boats from 22 countries and 4 continents compete in its last World Championship in Italy. Perhaps little surprise, given the Melges 24’s hard-earned, venerable history.

With attendance continuing to exceed pre-financial crisis levels in the United States and in Europe, outstanding new sponsors such as Sperry Top-Sider and Rolex joining the fold, the success of Medemblik, and the fine events taking shape in San Francisco and Melbourne, it could be argued that we should leave well enough alone. Yet, such results do not come easy. In an increasingly competitive landscape, boats that fail to evolve are left behind in the wake of others.

Like you, we love the Melges 24 far too much to allow that to happen.

It is in that spirit, that we propose the following evolution of the Melges 24 and Class to you — our friends and fellow owners. These ideas share the same fundamental tenants: to make the boat simpler, more focused, more vital — with broader appeal. The proposals can be grouped into four categories:
1. Marketing
2. Events
3. Rule Changes
4. Builder Enhancements

We recognize that you may disagree with some of the ideas. We welcome that. Indeed hope, to spark a constructive dialogue with you about what the Melges 24 is, can, and should be. We believe that the ideas presented here are integral to one another and build upon the history and design of the boat. Our Class, your boat, has an exciting future ahead of it! We hope you share our vision and look forward to sailing with you in the years ahead.


Andy Burdick, Melges USA
Vince Brun, North Sails
Harry Melges, Melges USA
Federico Michetti, Melges Europe
Seadon Wijsen, Melges USA
Chris Farkas, USMCA Class President
Simon Strauss, USMCA AGM Representative
Warwick Rooklyn, Australia Melges 24 President

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